Busting Barriers is the group coaching program that the corporate world has been waiting for.

Busting Barriers To Lifestyle Changes

Group coaching is highly effective. This brand new behaviour change program addresses the common barriers that people face whatever their specific wellness goal is. Delivered either face to face or as webinar series we expect Busting Barriers to be the  next biggest thing in the corporate health arena.

The main reasons why people fail is two fold: lack of planning and lack of confidence.

And the most overlooked element of the change process is an acknowledgement of the barriers that get in the way.  Whether it is weight management, improved fitness, better nutritional habits or stress management, to name a few things that are often mentioned, people will often list the same reasons for their inability to create new routines. 

Busting Barriers addresses these obstacles. 

How does it work?

The 6 session program provides an environment for the group members to look closely at what they would like to be different in their wellness and identifies what keeps stopping them. A Level 3 trained wellness Coach from Wellness Coaching Australia, takes participants on a journey of discovery, aimed at helping them successfully achieve their goals with an individually tailored plan and the support of other group members.

This program is suitable for anyone who ever wanted to improve their quality of life.

It can be offered as a face to face workshop series or as a distance membership where webinars and videos replace the live sessions and the program becomes more self-paced.