Simple messages to support people to make change are the best.  Fiona delivers several topics that are engaging and informative and fill in the missing piece in either conference program or team building event – or simply as part of a corporate health endeavour. 

Energy Management – staying on top of today’s hectic world

Working longer is not necessarily working harder or being incredibly productive.  Help you team to understand how to pace themselves to achieve more in less time.  Using principles from the corporate athlete program, Fiona will discuss strategies for a better working routine to enable balance, great effectiveness and increased life satisfaction.

Creating your own Wellness Vision and make it happen

People say they want improvement in their lifestyles but often don’t know where to start.  This session provides a proven model for change that takes a step by step approach   Fiona shares the experience she has gained working with people from all works of life who are all striving for better wellness.


Making Stress your Friend

We all try to manage stress but preventing it and seeing it as a negative.  This session helps us understanding that challenge can actually be a huge motivator for action and results.  Fiona expands on the causes of negative stress and how to turn things around to benefit from a busy and demanding life.

Changing habits, changing lives

Change isn’t always a matter of huge, sudden transformation.  In fact it rarely is.  Instead it is a actually all about creating new automatic behaviours that add up to a different result.  This session looks at the science of habits and provides tips to break old ones and create new ones that will serve us better in our personal and professional lives.

Confidence - where to find it, how to use it

The elusive quality of confidence is a door opener to success of all kinds.  But how do we get over our ingrained beliefs that keep tripping us up before we start?  Participants will be encouraged to understand how they get in their own way and  how the move towards positivity can greatly increase their self belief and experience of the world.

Organise your Mind, Organise your Life

Overwhelm is a choice!  We are constantly inundated with demands on our attention that we try to fulfill, leading to a frenzied feeling of being out of control.  Learn to quieten the internal and external frenzy, to approach our days with calm focus and find ways of becoming more creative and productive.  This seminar provides strong take home messages about how to become better organised and increase the possibility of growth and learning.