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Feminine Wealth TV. Interview with Fiona Cosgrove.

Feminine Wealth TV. Interview with Fiona Cosgrove.

Fiona Cosgrove, Wellness Coach

Fiona Cosgrove has over 30 years experience in the health, wellness and fitness industries - owning and managing clubs in Australia and Asia. 

Holding a Bachelor and Masters degree in Sports Science and Masters Degree in Counselling, Fiona is a former Board Member of Fitness NSW and has worked for many years as a University Lecturer, (teaching Corporate Health Management) and in the last ten years as a Life & Wellness Coach. Her last Club, No 1 Martin Place – The Health Club won NSW Fitness Centre of the year in 2006 before she reluctantly sold it to a larger corporation.

In 2006 Fiona created her current business, Wellness Coaching Australia, an organisation that delivers wellness coach training to health and fitness professionals throughout Australia and now overseas. 

She is passionate about the need to change the way clients are supported to create lifestyle change and her training has inspired over 2000 people to join her in “Coaching” rather than “telling”. 

Fiona regularly speaks at conferences across many industries – with her message being all about empowering others to strive for better wellbeing and improved quality of life.  She believes that the current poor health of the nation is an indication of a need for the approach WCA teaches.

“Coach Yourself to Wellness” was written by Fiona to support her message and accompanying it is a workbook that have been valuable tools for individuals and practitioners to understand the complexity of change.

In 2010 Fiona headed up The Golden Door group of health retreats, implementing the wellness coaching model in their programs and remains a consultant to the organisation.

Fiona sits on several advisory panels and was closely involved in the creation of RMIT’s first ever Masters of Wellness degree co-writing and teaching in the Wellness Coaching module.