Fiona is available for coaching work in many areas. Her background enables her to work with Executives to help them improve performance at work, in their personal wellness and individuals who simply want to move forward but are encountering obstacles that get in the way.

“People working in today’s corporate world rarely have time to set personal and professional goals. Helping them focus on their values and beliefs and exploring what is, and is not working for them, can lead to greater satisfaction and enjoyment in both areas of their life.

Fiona runs seminars and workshops on a variety of topics and is available for conference presentations, key note speaking and ongoing coaching - either one on one or group work.

Fiona believes that coaching can:

  • Improve the physical energy in a corporation by working with members of the team
  • Increase insight and clarity into areas that can be improved
  • Produce client-driven solutions
  • Increase accountability and responsibility
  • Help your business grow by helping your team define new challenges and plan for the results
  • Stir people to accomplish more