Executive Wellness Coaching

The people at the top need to be in good physical and mental health to stay there, inspire others and influence the culture in the organisation. One on one coaching can be just what they need to support change in their busy lives.

Implementing positive and long lasting lifestyle habits will help create balance and allow you to perform at your peak in all aspects of your life.

Fiona has come to recognise and promote the strong links between physical and psychological health. Incorporating principles from positive psychology, the transtheoretical model of change and motivational interviewing, wellness coaching can:

Fiona Cosgrove
  • Improve the physical energy in a corporation by working with members of the team
  • Increase insight and clarity into areas that can be improved
  • Produce client-driven solutions
  • Increase accountability and responsibility
  • Help your business grow by helping your team define new challenges and plan for the results
  • Stir people to accomplish more

Request a Private Wellness Coaching Session with Fiona

Fiona is available for private Executive Wellness Coaching by phone or in person by request only. Click here to enquire on availability and pricing.