Coach Yourself to Wellness by Fiona Cosgrove

Coach Yourself to Wellness is an essential guide for anyone wanting to change their life and create wellness that truly lasts.

Nationally acclaimed wellness coach, Fiona Cosgrove educates, encourages and guides the reader to overcome poor health behaviours and teaches them to take the necessary steps with their fitness, nutrition, weight management and stress management.

This book will show you how to create a plan and then how to get there.

Concise and easy to digest, Fiona Cosgrove asks readers to re-evaluate what they want from their life and where their health fits into this picture. This book enables people who want positive change to design a vision and identify the motivators that will keep them on track. Coach Yourself to Wellness is more like a supportive friend who has had a life experience, but understands how hard change can be.

Healthy enlightenment is possible because Fiona Cosgrove shows readers how to learn from failed attempts and come to understand that any change takes careful preparation and thought.

Real-life stories run throughout the book to give the reader inspiration to keep moving forward. These tales will inspire readers to create their own vision and look closely at the gap between where they are and where they would like to be.

Above all, Coach Yourself to Wellness will kindle real desire to be different and design a way of living that fits in with people’s values and their sometimes forgotten dreams. The steps will be easy, achievable and rewarding. This book is just like having the support of a real coach.

The workbook will give you the tool to work through your own plan.

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