Coach Yourself to Wellness Online Program

When time and opportunity is sparse, this online personal change program can be a cost effective and efficient way of giving the support employees need.

I often see people struggling with creating healthier habits that will lead to improved wellness and vitality. So I have developed a program that will help you get past those barriers to success, and help you discover the changes you can make and stick to them in the long term.


If you struggle with:

  • Losing weight
  • Sticking to an exercise program
  • Handling the stresses of life
  • Having enough energy to get through the day
  • Poor sleeping habits

Then the Coach Yourself to Wellness online program will help you to create your wellness vision, design and implement a plan that will see you on your path to wellness.

Self Paced, Online Program

This self-paced online program guides you through the model for change, taking into account both physical and psychological preparation.

By listening to a series of topics and reflecting on the questions asked and exercises suggested, you will increase your awareness and understanding of what you need to do to create positive lifestyle change and start taking action!

Click here to view a demonstration of the program and how easy it is to navigate.

The Program includes:

  • Self paced online program delivered via interactive audio visual program Knowledge Presenter
  • Program materials including Coach Yourself to Wellness Book Set (digital format) valued at $30.00. Written by Australia’s leading Wellness Coach and Wellness Coaching Australia Founder, Fiona Cosgrove.

Program Investment